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Experience:6 - Years


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Fitness and Conditioning


Packiaraj is the founder and CEO of B-Fit Foundation. Packiaraj is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and has trained several junior UK football players. He is a Level II RTB Fitness Certified, which renders him an expert in muscle building and conditioning. Packiaraj is also an ICC Level II certified cricket coach who served as a captain in St. Joseph College Cricket Team and has also represented Bharathidasan University for cricket and athletics. Excelling as an athlete, Packiaraj discovered he enjoyed fitness and opted fitness industry to help the upcoming athletes to achieve their fitness goals. Packiaraj interest quickly developed into a passion and since then, he dedicated his life to understanding the most effective and efficient way to be fit through training and nutrition. He is determined to share his knowledge by teaching and training for fitness from all that he has acquired over the years, through the B-Fit foundation. .