About Us

About Us

B-Fit was founded in Dec 2019 as a small winter camp to train students occasionally, the outcomes have demonstrated a positive impact among the parents that inspired us to start the B-Fit academy, which was registered on July 11th, 2020 as a foundation. The Growth of B-Fit was solelydue to our students’ performance and not byany advertising stratagems. Coaches in B-fit give credence to three main principles that every student should follow to succeed in any sport:

·         Discipline

·         Obedience

·         Self-Belief

B-Fit incorporates a team of dedicated, skilled, and passionate trainers working together to bring the best out of everyone by improvising them in their own game. B-Fit is the only fitness foundation that emphasizes students to bring in salads to eat after a workout, to ensure they get the right amount of protein at the right time. 


Why Choose Us

“Why not B-Fit ??“ Fitness is not everyone’s cup of tea unless you have the best in class trainers who give their everything to make you fit and help you achieve in your sport. The B-Fit foundation is the best in class training facility available in the town, driven by a passion to help you succeed. B-Fit has been started to expand youth participation in sports and to create a sports revolution. At B-Fit, we have a team of down-to-earth trainers, who are interested in creating the best athletes out of all the students by providing them with proper training and guidance. B-Fit helps you in achieving your own personal fitness goals, for yourself to lead a healthier and happier life. No matter where ever you are in your fitness journey or whatever you have tried before, we are determined to become the ignition you need to fuel. Join B-Fit Foundation for self-transformation by exploring your real potential to lead a healthy lifestyle. .